Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

This challenge has taught me a surprise thing about myself: I take a lot of photos of feet.

I discovered this when I went in search of some Autumnal photos from a walk some weeks ago and found a set of images of my bewellingtoned feet on a flooded path. Then I remembered I’d also taken some of my pudgy hobbit feet in some pound shop flip flops on another walk earlier in the year. When I went searching the folders for them I kept stumbling on various other feet and realised that feet are very good at expressing the changes of seasons. Bingo.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This week’s photo challenge word is ‘thankful’.

THANKFUL. That’s a tricky one. I’m not American, you know. I’m not accustomed to being thankful for things. I’m British. We are sarcastic about things. The more we love them, the more sarcastic we are about them. That’s the natural order.

But I suppose I can make an exception just this once and admit that I have reason to be thankful for loads of stuff. Through sheer luck I married an excellent human; we turned out to be fertile, we have somewhere to live, we’re not orphans yet, we have some unbelievably satisfactory friends, pets, heating, Internet and a box Yorkshire Tea bags. Not bad.

But that’s enough of that sick-bag stuff for another year (or until I am forced to drink alcohol again). In the meantime, a thing I am also thankful for – something I enjoy every single day of my life – something that is as quintessentially British as… erm… British things – is the eccentricity of humans. I love them. Us. Here are some of the many examples I have photographed.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This week’s photo challenge is “green”; a word with all sorts of connotations to do with nature and the environment and people who ride bikes, eat tofu, boycott things and wear hemp grandad shirts.

I may scoff, but I too have been known to experience paroxysms of delight over mossy stones in the middle of rivers and that special green light you get through leaves on a sunny day in the woods. I have hundreds of photos of that sort of green, but I wanted to include the other type of very man-made green as well – you know, the one that those 1980s flourescent socks came in. Green can be transcendently peaceful and deafeningly jangling. I quite like both.