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I pretty much never reblog other people’s posts because… well… I’m not that keen when my favourite bloggers do it, if I’m honest. But this is excellent.
In my new job I work regularly with young people who are struggling financially, and am regularly struck by the fact that so very few of them are at all like the benefit-scrounging-scum we hear about on a regular basis. Many of the young mums I work with have partners who are in employment or are in employment themselves that is so badly paid they still have to go to food banks at the end of the month and often apply for special grants/help in order to replace a cooker or fridge. This post about the benefit system started ‘going viral’ (I’m so modern) on Facebook, and what I particularly like about this version of it is that he has checked all his facts and referenced things. THIS is how to make a point. UK Media, please listen to Jon Leighton.

(She said, acting as if Media moguls read her blog).

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  1. The money-making machine of the neo-liberals: Turbo-capitalism … makes the rich get richer, and the other ones work like crazy and still are not able to pay for living. Just like in the concentration camps, make them work and let them die, there are more to come, the supply of manpower is endless.

    1. It certainly feels like that in the institution I work in. There is always a new, vigorous, idealistic young teacher ready to spring into place to replace the ones who are broken by the machine.

      I was that person once.

  2. Great reblog, worth it :)

    I was thinking today…so, all governments face the problem of where to get the revenue…and the burden of this is ALWAYS going to be picked up by the majority ie the middle income masses. I reckon the cameron governments rhetoric is about divide and rule – set the middle income people (‘hardworking families’ – see my post about this) against the poor people (‘benefit scoungers, workshy cheats’ – more lies) so the rich can just get on and do what they’ve always done – make more money, pay less tax. Don’t listen to it people…rise up and join together, don’t believe the crap!

    1. We’re not very good at rising up and joining together in this lovely country of ours. Spouse thinks we need a National Strike, and he’s probably right. But it’ll never happen. Is that a defeatist position?

      1. Well, things have been known to change in the past but I understand the feeling that things won’t. But you have to start somewhere. Resistance to the divide and rule messages and saying so is a good place.

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