Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

This week’s photo challenge is another difficult one… I haven’t consciously made any new year’s resolutions because I don’t need any more excuses to feel like someone who never finishes what she starts. Not excuses – reasons. The reason I feel like someone who never finishes what she starts is because I frequently don’t finish what I start.

I could resolve to lose this extra stone, to stop procrastinating, to do some exercise, to start my business, to hoover more often, to give lollipops to passing children, to buy something from local businesses each week (although I don’t know what I’d buy from Barbs lil *shop* which only sells the following items):

barbBut none of those resolutions move me enough to actually try to keep them, so there was no obvious answer to what I could post for the ‘Resolved’ challenge. That is, until we found some lovely drifted bricks on Porthluney beach today (I’m not lying – the beach is effectively called Porth Loony). Driftbricks. I’m not sure how they got there… I wonder if someone’s whole house floated out to sea in the recent floods.

The bits of old building were so appealing that I collected them into a pile and spouse (who always fancied a job working for Lego) built a small village. Here it is:

Walking back to the car afterwards, we noticed that there were other little piles of rocks dotted around the beach; clearly we weren’t the only ones moved to try to create something in the rain.  “Humans” spouse said, “can’t stop building things.” That’s a splendid thing about humans, I thought. And then I realised I have made a sort of resolution for this year; I’ve just done it semi-unconsciously. I’ve changed my job to one that should enable me to be more creative in my work, but also should free me up to be more creative in everyday life.

So my resolution is MAKE MORE STUFF. And this little New Year Driftvillage is a representation of that.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved”

      1. thankx a lot – i have a variety of ways of trying to stat creative ranging from the silly of crazy one liners [http://brettandy.wordpress.com] to the equally if not more so silly ‘Dangerous Things’ You tube video series [http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1E67BE1AB4196315&feature=mh_lolz] to the more heart-felt Taboo Topics i look at [http://brettfish.wordpress.com/taboo-topics-contents-page] which is an attempt to look at topics that aren’t discussed in too many places and share real live stories on them… and more, so yes hopefully even further in 2013! all the best, love b

  1. Nice photos. The piles on the beach are like ancient remains of a charming but often forgotten culture; playing – just for fun. Practicing it together with one’s spouse is definitely enviable :-)

  2. Building something together – that would have been great for us all. You are on your way. I love funny games and building new things with my youngsters, but I’m afraid my husband is lost there…and has been for many years. He has stopped building things.

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for the blog visit.
    How awesome to have created a little village out of what is considered rubble. :)
    Making more stuff sounds like a wonderful resolution. Because creation is magic.

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