Violent crime clipart

I eavesdropped on a Facebook conversation between two of my friends today while procrastinating. They were discussing where they are at with their planning (they’re teachers). One was saying she’s finished and just browsing for clip-art for her resources. The other, after admonishing her for using clip-art at all, pointed out that you can’t get clip-art for her topic – violent crime.

BAM. A much more exciting way to procrastinate! Me to the rescue!

1. Gang violence.

2. Stabbing

3. Petrol bombing

4. Impossible kneecapping.

7 thoughts on “Violent crime clipart”

  1. Hi there. :) I just want to ask for your permission to use the “stabbing” picture to be use in my course work. By the way, I’m from Institute of Teachers Education Batu Lintang Campus, Sarawak, Malaysia. Thank you. :)

      1. I’m doing a biography on Okonkwo which is a character in a novel Things Fall Apart. :)
        Me and my teammates kinda agree to include some pictures in it to grab people’s attention.

  2. I would like to use “Stabbing” in my PowerPoint presentation which discusses the news media and their hype over juvenile violent crime in the United States.

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